Music Geek #9: Pre-mature expectation of spring cues mixtape musings

Matthew Montgomery wears funny glasses in a Cedar City, Utah park.As winter slowly phases out of season here in southern Utah, I’m drawn to the shocking realization that spring will soon be taking its place (as it does every year.) This, I suppose, isn’t actually shocking, but I am quite excited. What does this mean for me?

Well, for one, I’ll be able to go outside and take photos again. I suppose there was nothing stopping me, but I am a bit of a “wuss,” if you will, and am not terribly interested in having my hands freeze off. Can you blame me?

For two — and why don’t we ever say that? — it allows me to create a new playlist devoted to my regular walks from home to university and back! Now, I haven’t created one for winter, but I have realized that I often listen to the same styles of music when walking along snow-strewn sidewalks in the biting cold. So, rather than just trying to find styles that match these foreign weather patterns and attempting to conform to them a set of music, I’ll take it one step further.

I’ll make a mixtape!

When I say mixtape, though, I, sadly, do not mean I will actually record music to a cassette tape. I guess I could, but I have one way I might listen to it, and that’s through a voice recorder. Not the best way, I think. Still, the term has been strangely cross-applied to playlists in electronic devices, not that I much mind.

Really, though: I’ve already started considering what I might put on it, and with Friday’s scheduled low temperature above freezing, I ought do it soon. Sure, it might be a bit hasty, but who really cares? I just want it to be warm, and if the music will speed that along — though I doubt it will — I should do all I can.

So, I’ll create a mix full of jazz, indie pop, and those musical forms that persuade me to accept the warmth for all the worth (and that’s a lot!) It might be forced, but isn’t that the beauty of the mix?

On that note, I best open iTunes and start organizing. Cue The Flaming Lips: It’s sum—er, springtime!

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  1. astrogamer49 says:

    I find that spring brings optimism for me.
    I have been listening to ‘Airbag’ by Radiohead quite a bit.

    “I am born agaaaaaiin!”

    I guess ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is an obvious choice as well.

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