Review: A Faulty Chromosome — As An Ex-Anorexic’s Six Sicks Exit, …

A Faulty ChromosomeReleased Feb. 19, 2008; self-released.

A Faulty Chromosome, previously the subject of a Feb. 19 spotlight, is an unruly shoegaze group; while they do pull from a variety of influences — and it’s evident, it’s not just some blurb on the band’s MySpace — they create music that sounds as if it’s all essentially the same song, repeated ad infinitum. It’s not a bad song, though, just a bit on the repetitive side.

A Faulty Chromosome — “Jackie O” | download

Still, A Faulty Chromosome isn’t at all bad; the thing is, it may make better background music than something for active listening. It’s funny, though: For being repetitive and like unto a single long-form song, some of the tracks are noticeably better than others. “A Frozen Lake,” for example, is considerably more entertaining and captivating than the track preceding, “Jackie O.” The band has an interestingly strong grasp on melody, which works much to their benefit in their almost-messy style: Having something to hold to in a song is important, and a distinct melody or counter-melody can serve that purpose. The fact that they are able to reign that in speaks loads of their ability.

A Faulty Chromosome — “Them Pleasures of the Flesh” | download

As An Ex-Anorexic’s Six Sicks Exit, … isn’t a bad album, but it’s not one I’ll be inclined to listen to on much of a regular basis, and that should really be the goal, shouldn’t it?

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