Movie Review: (2004) Primer

PrimerPrimer is an interesting independent film with a strange and hard to follow plot. After watching the first 10 minutes or so I found myself somewhat bored yet I couldn’t look away. There are very strange time-travel themes in the plot with many a paradox. Even now, after watching the entire film, I don’t completely understand everything that happened. I found the movie enjoyable because it made me think. At the same time I was left feeling unfulfilled at the ending. Without giving away too much of the plot I will try to outline things. Four friends help each other build machines in a garage, trying to invent something that will bring in some venture capital. Two of the friends decide to build something without the other two knowing and accidentally end up building some sort of time machine. From that point on the plot becomes fairly confusing and never entirely clears up. If you enjoy a movie without all of the flashy special effects of the standard sci-fi and/or a movie that will get your brain moving then this is a good choice.

Overall I will give it a C+ It was interesting, but in the end it didn’t make much sense and left me feeling like there was no reason to watch in the first place.

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  1. I actually really, really enjoyed this movie — but it wasn’t until the third time I watched it that the plot started to even sort of make sense. There are some materials online worth checking out, too, that explain the plot: Watching it the fourth time with those cleared the whole thing up. That said, this movie’s certainly not for everyone.

  2. AlanRay Lloyd says:

    It’s certainly not a bad movie, just a bit too confusing for me, maybe I will have to think on it some and read up and watch again for a second time. Like you said it’s certainly not for everyone.

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