Brief: 900x – Music for Lubbock, 1980

Album coverThis is the first post in the Albums in Brief series on Albums in Brief aims to inform quickly, offer a preview, and call it a day: No over-the-top aggrandizing here, for better or worse.

Music for Lubbock, 1980, the first full release from Asthmatic Kitty artist James McAlister, known primarily for remix and soundtrack work, is a refreshingly bold work of electronic music that still slots nicely into a regular listening slot for those interested in more “traditional” methods of music creation. Of course, it’s closer to a Stereolab than, say, most things you’d hear at a club with flashing lights and pounding music, and some would say it fits well into the growing folktronica movement — regardless, it’s engaging enough for me.

900x – “101805” (remix) | download

While this album as a whole may lack a bit in coherency — the tracks don’t always mesh with the greatest of ease — they’re individually solid, and the diversity makes for fun active listening. Don’t go into this expecting the latest and greatest in experimental exploration, because it’s not, and I don’t think it claims to be. Don’t get me wrong: Music for Lubbock, 1980 is great from start to finish, and I wouldn’t hesitate to drop into my regular rotation.

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