Fifth Stars album set for June 22 launch

Canadian indie rockers Stars are prepping their fifth full-length effort, The Five Ghosts, for release on their new imprint label, Soft Revolution Records. The Five Ghosts is their first release since their most recent release, In Our Bedroom After the War, which hit shelves in 2005.

The Five Ghosts was recorded in Montreal and features writing from all five members of the group: Amy Millan, Evan Cranley, Torquil Campbell, Patty McGee, and Chris Seligman. A U.S. tour is being planned for Summer 2010.

The Five Ghosts tracklist

  1. Dead Hearts
  2. Wasted Daylight
  3. I Died So I Could Haunt You
  4. Fixed
  5. We Don’t Want Your Body
  6. He Dreams He’s Awake
  7. Never Been Good With Change
  8. The Passenger
  9. The Last Song Ever Written
  10. How Much More
  11. Winter Bones

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