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Project 1: Integrating machine learning techniques with metabolic models of the genome scale for better prediction. My interest in research is computer-aided understanding and the design of biological systems. I had two projects during my master`s training. In my first project, a diffusion reaction model and a kinetic model were developed to study the mechanisms of proximity channeling. Our models provide a theoretical basis for the development of the proximity channel between sequential enzymes. In my second project, a machine learning method assistantd YeastFab (MLAF) was developed for clearing yeast pathways. Our results showed the great power of machine learning strategy in the field of metabolic technology. Chalmers students who exchange Erasmus must organise a Learning Agreement (LA). This document shows the courses you want to take during the exchange period. Normally, all points you take during the exchange must be credited in your Chalmers diploma. That is why it is important that you discuss the program with the Minister of Education in your program.

If you trade within the World Wide or Terzio, you will receive a SEK 15000 scholarship (one semester) / 30,000 SEK (full year). You must enter your bank details into MoveOn to get the grant. If you trade with Unitech, you will receive a grant of 1000 euros from UNITECH International. You don`t need a form. You can also apply for an Erasmus scholarship and more information is available at the “Travel Scholarships and Scholarships” tab. If you go through Erasmus, you are entitled to a European scholarship. Once a complete and signed apprenticeship agreement has been put online on MoveOn with the scholarship form and the exit and arrival form, the Erasmus scholarship can be awarded. 70% of the scholarship is paid in lump sum, the remaining 30% is paid when the exchange is completed and the travel report is received. The goal is to implement machine learning techniques to assess the enzymatic properties that could be used in metabolic modes of the genome scale as additional restrictions to improve model prediction.

Here you can read about the scholarship, course selection, study promotion, apprenticeship agreement, visas and insurance. We recommend that you carefully read the information below so that you are aware of your rights and obligations related to the exchange. Changes may be possible at a later date, but they need to be coordinated with your program so that you can be sure that they fit into your curriculum. The apprenticeship contract must be signed by both Chalmers and the exchange university before starting the exchange period – the exchange university must approve and sign that you can take the courses indicated. The learning agreement should be downloaded in MoveOn. If you are appointed, you will receive an interlocutor at the reception university, as well as information on important appointments, course offers, language requirements and much more. You should also apply no later than three weeks before your application is made to discuss your plan and have your course choice approved provisionally. If you speak to your Minister of Education, you should include/send programs in English, where the level and content are indicated. It is important to contact the recipient university and ask them the questions you have. The Chalmers coordinator has a basic knowledge of partner universities, but to get accurate and up-to-date information, you need to ask the coordinator of the recipient university directly. This document can help you plan your studies abroad (not just for Erasmus, regardless of the exchange program) The latest information on educational offers and courses is usually available on the website or course portal of the recipient university. There is a lot of preparation before you go to your exchange.

It is first and foremost the interlocutor of the recipient university who can help you in case of a question

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