Is Prenuptial Agreement Legal In California

If you are planning your wedding, the idea of a marriage contract may come to mind. Sometimes you may be wondering if it`s worth having a prenup. How long do they last? Do walnut Creek law firms for the marriage and estate contract handle these cases? Under the California Family Code, a pre-conjudated contract is considered fair if there are multiple circumstances. First, both parties must be represented by separate lawyers or, if they are not represented by independent counsel, the party must declare in writing, without legal assistance, that it is fully informed of the case and that it is knowingly waiving its rights and obligations. Created by FindLaw`s team of authors and legal writers | Last updated July 20, 2018 Another use of marriage contracts is to define certain aspects of alimony. This means that any agreement can be void if it turns out that some form of unlawful influence or coercion by a party was used for the signature. Instead, marriage contracts should be seen as a form of “divorce insurance.” If you buy a new car or house, you are buying insurance to protect your financial interests if something unpleasant happens in the future. It`s the same for your wedding. A prenup is a way to protect the financial interests of both parties while avoiding conflicts in the future. By making financial arrangements, there is one less thing to discuss when the relationship goes south.

Some things are not affected when they do not have any. With or without a spouse, under California law, any spouse has a legal obligation to provide economic assistance to the other spouse, whether or not there is an agreement. . . .

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