Rouse Hill Regional Centre Planning Agreement

OCULUS provided information about the master planning process and developed the master landscape plan within the broader framework defined by Civitas. The master plan defined the principles of connectivity and permeability, so that the downtown location was solidly integrated into the regional center through a series of visual and physical connections with important landscape features such as Caddies Creek, the Mungerie Heritage District, and future parks and roads. The New Rouse Hill site is located in Sydney`s North-West Growth Centre. In 2002, Lendlease was chosen as the lead developer for the site, while GPT Group was engaged in the development and day-to-day management of the city centre. From the beginning, the aim of the project was to create a sustainable regional centre and create a pedestrian-friendly environment through the early provision of retail and services and the integration of environmentally sustainable design elements into the neighbourhood structure, housing development and water and energy systems. Once completed, the district will have up to 1,800 housing units, 200,000 square meters of commercial and commercial space and 32 hectares of public open space. The development has a number of housing types, including apartments, terraces and detached houses. The Rouse Hill Town Centre is a unique model for the design and design of a suburban or regional retail centre in Australia. The basic design philosophy was based on the premise that it is first and foremost a city. GpT Group`s mission asked the design team to ensure that the design fit firmly into the real place, including addressing environmental concerns, sustainability issues, the relationship with the wider regional centre, the context of location, local heritage, culture and aspirations of its market and local community. The North-West Rail Link is also intended to support the local economy. Collocation of the station and shopping mall can boost growth in retail and services, create business and employment opportunities, and increase demand for nearby housing. .

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