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Quick Track: Keith Canisius – “The Beach House”

Keith Canisius - This Time It's Our High

Here’s a bit of fun, engaging shoegazey stuff for you. It’s Keith Canisius, dream pop craftsman, with something from his second release, This Time It’s Our High. Check it out; it comes highly recommended.

Keith Canisius — “The Beach House” from This Time It’s Our High | download
[audio:|titles=Keith Canisius – “The Beach House”]

Jack Dishel, Moldy Peaches alum, strikes out on his own

Photo by Martin Hausler, courtesy of Sneak Attack Media

Jack Dishel (or, if you will, Yevgeny Leondovich Dishel) — best known as the former Moldy Peaches guitarist, is off to those indie rock races again, this time on his own under the name Only Son, and this time with a new album. As a preview for his forthcoming Searchlight, to be released Jan. 18, 2011, check out “Magic.” If the rest of the album continues with this pop nous, there will be something very good here, no doubt. For a video of the track, read after the jump, or just check out this mp3.

Only Son — “Magic” from Searchlight | download
[audio:|titles=Only Son — “Magic”]


Video Friday: Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube”

Here’s a quick Video Friday for you: Yo La Tengo’s absolutely adorable video for “Sugarcube” is exactly what a good music video should be: fun, enduring, and evocative. Yo La Tengo hits the apex of this on all accounts.

The Decemberists tease fans with new album’s cover

Courtesy of The Decemberists

The Decemberists — you know, that band that has everybody all atwitter every time they announce something — have announced something. Their upcoming album The King is Dead is set to be released Jan. 18, 2011 on Capitol Records.

According to a press release, the album will also feature singer-songwriter Gillian Welch and REM’s Peter Buck.

They’ll be visiting with Conan O’Brien on Nov. 18, during which time they will be offering the first performance of the first single from the record, “Down by the Water.”


PHOTOS: Trevor Green at Groovacious

PHOTOS: Matador at 21: Yo La Tengo

This was my third time seeing Yo La Tengo this year — and overall — and I’ve got to say, this was up there with the first time I saw them. Of course, I’d have loved a long set, but you can’t have everything. It was only marred by the antics of Guided By Voices guitarist Mitch Mitchell, who found it necessary to run across the stage, leading Yo La Tengo’s tech-hand to get a bit aggressive with the guy. Can’t blame him.

PHOTOS: Matador at 21: Belle and Sebastian

Having returned from the city of, well, a bunch of things I don’t really enjoy — to see and experience a bunch of things I do enjoy — I thought it may be prudent to post some photos from my experience. Here are some shots of Belle and Sebastian, and I have to say: What a set! The group opened with “I Didn’t See it Coming,” and you know? It was masterful. The first track from their new album made for a great live opener.

PHOTOS: The New Pornographers in Salt Lake City, Utah

The New Pornographers performed in Salt Lake City, Utah, at a free concert in Pioneer Park. The concert was part of the Twilight Concert Series, and acts booked this year include Modest Mouse, Matisyahu, Beirut, and more.