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Spotlight: MEN

MEN / Courtesy of Girlie ActionJD Samson and Johanna Fateman of Le Tigre fame are making music under another name: MEN. Funny, I thought only one was a man. All bad joking aside, MEN produce a distinctive, fun electronic sound. “Make It Reverse” and “Shake Off,” both posted below for listening and download, are fun, addictive tunes that safely balance a modern perspective (or is it post-modern?) and a 1980s throwback feel (you know, in the vein of electroclash.) MEN are currently touring North America with Hey, Willpower.

MEN — “Make It Reverse” | download

MEN — “Shake Off” |download

MEN on MySpace

Spotlight: Cryv | Japanese shoegaze, huh.

Cryv / via MySpaceIt’s not often I come across something so compelling as this: Cryv is a Japanese shoegaze and electroclash group — they’re twin brothers — that, well, are far from bad. Yes, that’s really just a roundabout way of calling this band good, and they are deserving of more than such clumsy trepidation. Cryv isn’t well known outside Japan, it seems, as a cursory web search will reveal. It’s a pity, really, because this band is really very good. A video for “Lonliness” [sic] from their 2007 self-titled debut is posted below. Check out their MySpace for some tracks.