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NEWS: Intricate, inventive Kaki King preps new release, Junior

Courtesy of Big Hassle Media

Of the guitarists in the vague collection of artists rightly or wrongly dubbed “indie” that are performing interesting, engaging guitar-oriented music, Kaki King is at the very top of the pile. King may be dubbed a singer-songwriter, but it’s her guitar work that thrills and excites the imagination.

Kaki King, “2 O’Clock” from 2008’s Dreaming of Revenge | Download


Junior, King’s release-in-waiting, is planned for release on April 13 and is her fifth record. It’s being released on Rounder Records, which has been home to a slew of solo releases from bluegrass and jazz musician Béla Fleck.

Read on for King’s tour dates; she launches her tour days after her album hits shelves.