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An interview with The Gorgeous Hussies

The Gorgeous Hussies / Courtesy of The Gorgeous Hussies, photo by Danny CarverThe Gorgeous Hussies, the previous subject of a spotlight, talk to regarding their music, their upcoming release, the recording process, and Salt Lake City.

The Gorgeous Hussies – “What Fool Would Feel”

Most anybody can listen to music and appreciate it, but it takes a certain kind of person to desire to create it. What influences you to create music?

Ryan Smith: There are a couple of things that drive me to create music: First is desire to play in general. The energy and natural high you get from performing is addicting. In that sense it is more intense and especailly gratifying when you create the music yourself. Anyone can play covers, but playing music you have created, and that people enjoy, is the main reason for creation. The second reason is just to drive ourselves to be better musicians. I like the fact that in this band I can play a few different styles. We are a rock group and since so much has been done with that genre it is hard to come up with new and creative music. It is a great challenge we are taking head on!


Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit

From the word “go,” The Life Pursuit, latest release from famed Scottish group, Belle and Sebastian, is a pop explosion. Replete with the expected qualities — jangly guitars, heartfelt lyrics, and a solid rhythm — The Life Pursuit, the band voted Scotland’s greatest’s seventh studio album, manages to, at the very least, meet listeners’ expectations.