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An interview with Hypatia Lake

Where do you draw inspiration for your music?

From a combination of sources both musical and spiritual. Spiritual in the sense of the interconnectiveness of art w/ the Universe, not spiritual in the sense of dogmatism. I think there is a higher purpose in being an artist that is connected to the evolution of humanity, and I draw inspiration in trying to create art that works in that way- towards a higher state of consciousness… far as musical inspiration- i’m an avid collector and I have thousands of CD’s and records…….some definite “on the sleeve” ones would be the Creation label bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Swervedriver, etc. and their american counterparts, The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Dinosaur Jr., The Swirlies, The Lilys…..but I’d have to say my favorite band of all time is MAIN…and of course all the classic acts like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Stones


An interview with Cary Judd

You have a unique method of creating a live sound — how did it develop?

A few years ago I was playing in a band, all the guys I was playing with were great musicians and friends, but also in other projects. I was ready to tour and not have a day job and live and die by my music, while their mindset was to stay in L.A. and find a record deal which is a waste of time. I started doing solo shows. At first it was just me and my guitar, then one by one I started adding things that filled out the sound so I wouldn’t be just another guy with a guitar. It worked out well because I started getting a much more enthusiastic response from people than I did even with a full band. Over the course of the last 2 years of tour it just evolved itself into what it is now, I guess it was just born out of my need to do more than strum a guitar. (more…)

An interview with My Sad Captains

What are your thoughts on having been featured on KCRW/BBC Radio 6?

It was a pleasant surprise really. We didn’t know much about it, particularly the KCRW thing. When it was on radio 6 they phoned us up about a minute before it went on so i didn’t actually get to hear it. we didn’t know about kcrw until we started getting emails from LA from people saying theyd heard it and wondering when we were playing!


An interview with Dan of Stars of Track and Field

How does your location influence your music?

Our little practice space is pretty dirty, but at least it is dry. We borrowed a lamp from a band down the hall two or three months ago after I accidentally fried ours. It emits a soft, elipsical glow on the ceiling. We have a little space heater which keeps the space above freezing. We have a courtyard adjacent to our space which lets in some light. There is a little black rubbermaid trash can in the corner. There are strange transients always knocking on our door or pacing around the building, and we have new neighbors. Sometimes they really loud, and they smoke cigarettes all the time. I think they live there. Kevin threw a bottle last night and left a nasty wilt in my hip.


An interview with Awesome New Republic

What are your feelings on your being featured on KCRW and Nic Harcourt’s Morning Becomes Eclectic?

Its great that this guy (Harcourt) is playing our stuff on the other side of the country. Whenever I’ve learned about a station in Canada or the UK or really anywhere that is a serious hike from where we live and operate, its appreciated. Its assurance that we could soon enough pack up the trailer and play some shows in that area.


An interview with Jon Crocker

Would you sign to a label, given the opportunity?

Well, I have been given the opportunity, and I probably will be doing something label-related either late next year or in 2007. It is a difficult decision, though, and the only way I would ever consider working with a label is if they allow me lots of freedom, and if they aren’t greedy.


An interview with Nathaniel Carroll

How does it feel to be compared to musicians like Ben Folds and Billy Joel?

All at once, it can feel flattering, challenging, and limiting. I am often told I sound like Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright, Billy Joel, and Elton John. Most of the time, I appreciate such comments, but I always want to reply by saying “Thanks, my other songs are completely different” or something like that. I think sometimes people equate a boy and his piano with said artists because that’s all they’ve seen in rock/pop music for years. I don’t claim to be doing anything remarkably ground-breaking or conceptual, but I am trying my best to avoid writing songs that sound like that. I have a broader collection of songs, many on guitar as well, that individually might sound like Ben Folds, Elliott Smith, Paul McCartney (but not Wings!), or Rufus Wainwright. But collectively, I wouldn’t consider myself completely like any of those artists, but perhaps an amalgamation of all them. People find such comparisons helpful in deciding what music to buy, what concerts to attend, and what music to promote, so I can’t say that it’s compeltely moot or innaccurate. If anything, I’m challenged to write even more diverse music in light of these comparisons.


An interview with Trash Can Sinatras

Was it difficult getting back into the groove with an eight-year gap between albums?

No … the groove is a very patient, forgiving kind of chap … he seems to always take a shine to us when we eventually show up.