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News: Nada Surf’s Daniel Lorca injured, but show goes on

Daniel Lorca, left, will be unable to perform with Nada Surf for two weeks because of medical injury.Daniel Lorca, bassist for indie rockers Nada Surf, announced today via the band’s MySpace that he will be unable to perform with the band for two weeks following a knee injury, citing a risk of permanent injury. Nada Surf, he says, has only had to cancel two shows in over 14 years, so it is with some relief he announced Ozma’s Jose Galvez will be performing alongside the other two members. It does mean Lorca will miss the band’s performance at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo. Listen below to a track from Nada Surf’s latest, Lucky. wishes Daniel a speedy recovery.

Nada Surf – “See These Bones” | download

Review: Parenthetical Girls – Entanglements

Parenthetical Girls - EntanglementsParenthetical Girls
Tomlab, 2008

Parenthetical Girls – “A Song For Ellie Greenwich” | download

From the first seconds of Parenthetical Girls’ third release, it’s clear that Entanglements isn’t going to be one of those albums that starts with a track that doesn’t fit the rest of the record. The over-the-top, theatrical approach taken with “Four Words” marks the band’s theatrical approach as they provide an endearing twist on indie pop. (more…)

Released This Week: Salme Dahlstrom – The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade

Salme Dahlstrom - The Acid Cowgirl Audio TradeSalme Dahlstrom
The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade
Kontainer Music, 2008

Salme Dahlstrom – “Superstar Crash” | download

Electronically oriented pop music hits all the right spots for some people: Salme Dahlstrom, for those people, can’t be hitting too far off those. The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade is full of interesting synthetic textures and sounds, but at some points, it lacks a bit of that important impact.

Other times, though, Dahlstrom demonstrates a nice understanding with the pop music she’s writing, and it’s those points that really define the record. While this certainly won’t be named electronic album of the year, it does feature some engaging tracks. Where Dahlstrom really succeeds is not her writing, though: Her vocals are straight from the style’s top shelf, shifting with some abandon between a sassy, in-your-face attitude and nicely harmonized standard modern pop.

Sure, The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade isn’t the best album of the year, but Dahlstrom’s vocals will be enough for some to keep listening, and the writing, while fairly typical of pop-centric electronica, isn’t bad enough to drive away listeners.

Review: Stereolab – Chemical Chords

Stereolab - Chemical ChordsStereolab
Chemical Chords
4AD August 18, 2008

Stereolab’s made enough of a name for themselves by now that most releases will hit the radar of an assortment of music fans, especially those finding themselves attracted to the indie pop sound this bold outfit is known for producing so elegantly.

Stereolab – “Three Women” | download | preview at Beggars Group USA


Track Review: Chris Cotton – “Going Home”

Chris CottonChris Cotton
The Big Sea
“Going Home”

Chris Cotton – “Going Home” | download

“Going Home” is shocking in its immediacy: a track from Chris Cotton’s latest, due out September 2nd on Little Fish Large Pond Publishing. This vintage-style piece, recalling some of the earliest recorded American folk music, is a refreshing blast from distorted guitars and whining vocals. There’s something strangely enthralling about anachronistic music, isn’t there?

Track Review: The Ritz – “It’s The…” from The Night of Day

The Ritz - The Night of DayThe Ritz
The Night of Day
“It’s The…”

Content warning: Lyrics involve use of the ever-ominous “f” word. I don’t mind.

The Ritz – “It’s The” | download

My first thought, after hearing this track from the debut album from The Ritz? I was impressed, honest. The combination of bass-heavy beats with string samples and a nice use of stereo rapping (Elliott Smith influence, maybe? Likely not.) is fairly evocative and engaging. My only real complaint? The bass is mixed a bit too heavily, as it ends up slightly excessive and punchy on my well-balanced headphones (Sennheiser HD 485s, nothing too expensive,) distracting from the rest of the track, a well-mixed hip-hop introduction track.There’s nothing too adventurous about this track, but its efficient execution bodes well for the full release, due out August 19th.

Released This Week: Inquiet – Inq Beyong

Inquiet - Inq BeyongInquiet
Inq Beyong
Brother Sister Records, August 15, 2008

Inquiet – “Fresh Flesh” | download

Inquiet is an experimental pop group from Australia: That’s not a phrase you hear too often in many musical circles, especially those in the northern hemisphere. That’s got little to nothing to do with the musical quality here, to be honest. (more…)

Released This Week: The Telepathic Butterflies – Breakfast in Suburbia

The Telepathic ButterfliesThe Telepathic Butterflies
Breakfast in Suburbia
Rainbow Quartz, 2008

The Telepathic Butterflies – “Telescope” | download

One thing is made clear from the opening track of Breakfast in Suburbia: The Telepathic Butterflies (what a name!) are rooted in a 1960s pop aesthetic, their apparent influences a combination of the usual suspects: The Beach Boys and The Beatles, most notably, with a nice dose of surf rock playing out in the guitar tones. There’s enough of a psychedelic inflection in the music produced by the duo that citing Barrett-era Pink Floyd wouldn’t be completely off the mark, either.