Spotlight: Panther

Panther / Photo courtesy of Kill Rock Stars, photo by Ingrid RenanPanther’s thumping dance-funk-indie-rock (on a more funky side of the spectrum than, say, The Faint; rather more in the vein of !!!) is a thing to behold. With a sound that ranges in influence from Tower of Power to Pavement, these two guys (Charlie Salas-Humara, of The Planet The, and Joe Kelley, of 31 Knots) produce engaging, interesting music that’s liable to induce dancing, or something a little like it. “Puerto Rican Jukebox” and “Violence Diamonds,” both posted for listening and download below, are excellent examples of the band’s addicting style. Panthers will be releasing 14 KT GOD on Kill Rock Stars on Feb. 19.

Panther — “Violence, Diamonds” | download

Panther — “Puerto Rican Jukebox” | download

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