Review: Aviary Ghost – Memory is a Hallway

Aviary Ghost - Memory is a HallwayAviary Ghost
Memory is a Hallway
Self-released, 2008
Aviary Ghost – “Somewhere Else” | download

There are times that self-releasing an album can be the best option for a band, especially given the many instances of hot-air blowing by music industry personnel — and it’s not just major labels that have been known to play the game in miscreant ways. Sometimes, though, artists just don’t want to deal with the hassle of marketing their release, preferring to just put the music out for public consumption.

Aviary Ghost certainly hasn’t self-released their music out of a lack of quality: Memory is a Hallway, from start to finish, is a bold, passionate release demonstrating the band’s penchant for engineering emotionally descriptive soundscapes, crisp vocals sometimes leading the musical path, other times remaining out of the picture to let some skillful instrumentation take hold.

Apparently influenced by a wide range of musical styles, including 1960s American pop and post-rock, Aviary Ghost have crafted a release that’s rarely anything less than a joy to hear, to absorb: Memory is a Hallway, which apparently took a good three years before being ready, is a carefully crafted amalgam of upbeat piano, neatly harmonious vocals, dense guitars, organs, mandolins, and a slew of other layers of instrumentation.

Memory is a Hallway is a strong pop album recorded by a band unafraid to break free of the constraints of genre music, providing a strong sound; though lulling listeners into a relaxed groove, this debut hardly sits still for a moment. Aviary Ghost, who claim to be recording more music, aren’t to be missed: Their album-proven pedigree is strong enough that whatever comes next should be undeniably excellent.

Aviary Ghost’s Memory is a Hallway was self-released by the group on July 15, 2008.

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