Review: Parenthetical Girls – Entanglements

Parenthetical Girls - EntanglementsParenthetical Girls
Tomlab, 2008

Parenthetical Girls – “A Song For Ellie Greenwich” | download

From the first seconds of Parenthetical Girls’ third release, it’s clear that Entanglements isn’t going to be one of those albums that starts with a track that doesn’t fit the rest of the record. The over-the-top, theatrical approach taken with “Four Words” marks the band’s theatrical approach as they provide an endearing twist on indie pop.

Entanglements is an exciting album for enthusiasts of the style: There isn’t a track on the album that feels out of place, there’s instrumental, eomtional and compositional variety, and there’s an intricate care here that marks a regard for consistency.

From energetic songs that keep a level not far from a circus extravaganza to more somber arrangements, Parenthetical Girls display a rare musical talent with Entanglements. Instrumentally, the record is carefully composed, featuring a distinctive orchestration that sets this band apart from its peers.

The bottom line? Parenthetical Girls have hit musical gold.

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