Pipsc Collective Agreement Eng

3. In order to assert the right to sick leave, many collective agreements require a worker to satisfy the employer “… this condition, in a manner and on a date set by the employer.” This gives the employer the absolute right to require certification of full sick leave (in good faith) unless there is an additional language that amends that right under certain conditions. Regardless of these broad powers, each request for leave must be considered. Dates may be extended by mutual agreement between the members of the steering committee. The mandate of the technical committee may be changed from time to time by mutual agreement between the members of the steering committee. TBS has published the highlights of the latest round of collective agreements that have been signed. 9. Unless otherwise stated in the collective agreement, the employer has the right to request additional information to determine the right to sick leave with remuneration. This is particularly the case in the case of a “…

to meet this condition in a manner and on a date set by the employer. However, these requests for additional information must be timely, practical and proportionate. The employer must apply at a time that allows a physician to certify a worker`s condition during the period during which the leave is required or to give a worker sufficient time to comply with the specific request. The employer must indicate the type of evidence it requires. The employer must set appropriate limits on the nature of the information necessary so as not to unduly violate a worker`s privacy. The employer must take due account of the information it receives or otherwise disposes of in determining whether or not there is a right to compensation. 2. We should start with the fundamental condition for the employer to have the right to insist on a medical certificate as a precondition for granting sick leave. For most collective agreements, the employer`s right to adopt such a requirement is explicit. If a collective agreement is silent on this point, the employer could successfully argue that its remaining administrative rights (i.e. all rights that are not altered by the language of the collective agreement) allow it to require proof of illness.

If a collective agreement (as some do) provides that the employer can only require a medical certificate after so many days of absence in a given year, the employer`s right would be limited. 5.2. There is nothing in this policy to replace all relevant collective agreements. Nor does the policy extend the provisions of collective agreements in this area to workers who are not subject to these agreements. If no agreement is reached within 18 months of the creation of the technical committee or at any time before that date, the parties agree to jointly appoint a mediator within 30 days. The purpose of this agreement is to implement the agreement between the employer and the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada (`the parties`) on issues of friendliness.

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