Comprehensive Agreement On Social And Economic Reforms Pdf

The consultation workshop aims to generate valuable inputs, comments and suggestions from senior officials and leaders of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) on the draft social economic reforms and ceasefires. It also aims to garner support for the ongoing peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front (NDF). Braganza, who also oversees discussions on the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER) and the Joint Ceasefire Agreement, said a security mechanism – the ceasefire – must be put in place for the reforms to be successfully implemented. Today, nearly two decades later, the world has entered a period of exacerbated crises and exacerbated intra-imperialist rivalries. The impact of neoliberalism on the Philippine economy and people is also more evident than ever. Whatever economic growth is claimed to have been achieved, only foreign and domestic elites have benefited. For the vast majority of Filipinos, this meant unemployment and poverty in an underdeveloped and lagging economy, which continued to be hit and devastated by the inevitable disasters caused by climate change. The Philippine economy remains a mere complement to the world`s capitalist monopoly powers as the source of their profit and capital for their cheap labor and material resources. “A ceasefire can provide a more favorable environment so that both sides can speak freely and openly with minimal distractions.

It also offers respite, especially in conflict zones. Ito ay can provide kinalaman sa support services and basic social services. Kung can truce o tigil putukan, local government, representatives of national agencies can move freely. But what is even more important is that civilians in conflict zones can also carry out subsistence activities, business without hindrance,” Braganza said. CASER ang pinakamahalaga na agenda sa usapin ng peace talks. Hindi lamang with the National Democratic Front, but also with the government, because we are talking about reforms. When we talk about reforms, we are trying to reform the government. We are trying to implement reforms on political issues, program issues and specific projects to implement this specific policy,” Braganza said. The IBON research group today called on the Philippine government and other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) to reconsider plans to further deepen economic liberalization. This has only reduced unprecedented production, poverty and unemployment, while slashing national sovereignty, development planning, the common good and interest in the country and the region. IBON […] The first version of the CASER proposed by the NDFP was developed in 1998, during the most intense phase of the implementation of the globalization policy in the country`s history. The NDFP then warns that neoliberalism would only aggravate the country`s semi-religious and semi-colonial backwardness.

Through THE CASER, we have proposed an economic program that rejects the destructive market economy and instead maintains the need for responsible state intervention and makes people`s well-being the center of economic policy. .

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