Customer Agreement Meaning

loan agreement: this agreement, any final confirmation, any letter of contract executed or made available to the lender by a primary trader and any other agreement or document executed by or on behalf of a borrower in connection with this agreement (with the exception of a customer agreement), in any event, as it is amended from time to time; can be modified or modified in another way. In general, customers have different “built-in” safeguards when entering into a contract with a merchandiser. This may include protective measures regarding: 5.1 Use and Access. Subject to the terms set forth in this Agreement, XPR grants Customer a revocable license to the Services exclusively for: (i) use of and access to the Services for internal purposes during the term of this Agreement; and (ii) use the Services to create, offer and provide services created by Customer for access and use by Customer`s customers and end users (“Customer Offering”). The customer can access the services via the online control field or via a programmatic interface or online management panels that XPR makes available to the customer. XPR can modify the services, its control panel or programmatic interfaces at any time or switch to new programmatic interfaces. This Agreement supersedes all license terms contained in the code in the “COPIEr” or “LICENSE” file or similar label in the programmatic interfaces, unless such code is subject to an open source license. THIRD PARTIES. Unless otherwise agreed, XPR support is only provided to the Customer and not to anyone other than the Customer authorizes to use the Services.

There is no third party beneficiary of this agreement, which means that the third parties have no rights against XPR or the customer under this agreement. 5.2 Resale of Services. Customer may not resell the Services to Customer`s Customers and End Users unless provided for in Section 14 of this Agreement. 4.4 Cross-border data transfers. With respect to customers who are required to comply with Canadian (or national) data protection laws and regulations for cross-border data transfer, they are advised that data centers that house primary infrastructure for services and content, but that may use data centers outside of Canada based on customer requirements and all of XPR`s obligations in Under this agreement, may be used by any XPR 1992, 1995, 1995 Affiliate, or authorized third party associates worldwide. In other situations, the customer may apply to the court for an injunction, especially if the other party has committed fraudulent or unfair business practices. Such appeals depend, of course, on the nature of the contract and the nature of the infringement. Customer contracts are written and binding agreements between a customer (buyer) and a merchandiser (seller). . . .

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