Supporting Company Agreement After Some Strain

When countries do not have free trade agreements, they normally act among themselves in accordance with the so-called WTO (World Trade Organization) rules, under which each country sets customs duties – or taxes – on imports of goods and applies them in the same way to all its trading partners. How the EU-UK deal would be applied in the event of a dispute. Imo immediately contacted ITF and ICS. The flag State was invited to find a solution with the master and the shipowner and an agreement was reached on 7 April. The vessel was moved to another anchorage and the cargo was safely unloaded. “We feel all the burdens of the long offshore period, especially when no end date is in sight. For many of us, this is not a good thing and it certainly endangers safety,” the sailor wrote in an email to IMO`s Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT).

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