Trent And Dove Tenancy Agreement

If you are banking online, we may accept printouts (no ATM expressions) showing transactions from the last two months. “Miss Jeffs and Mr. Herbert were advised by the contractors to report the Trent & Dove case. We need original documents to support your claims. The table below shows the admissible evidence to support your claim. Sign up to receive the latest news from Burton in a daily email newsletter If you fall into the groups above, please use our online form to apply for housing allowance and tax reduction. If you need help asserting your claims online, please visit our Customer Services Center, Market Place, Burton upon Trent or the Uttoxeter Library. Sixty-four-year-old Pamela Jeffs and Edward Herbert, 69, say vermin appeared just three months after she entered the Trent & Dove estate in the attic of her Dodslow Avenue home. Trent`n`Dove agreed with my experience a few years ago, but they are horrible!!! They don`t take care of their tenants at all! They actually started to bother my mother, whom I care for, because she suffers from mental/physical illnesses, whereas previously they understood at least a little more about their illnesses and ate them earlier. .

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