Spotlight: Head of Femur | Eclectic indie pop group prepares for new album’s release

Head of Femur / Courtesy of Planetary GroupHead of Femur, a wonderfully orchestrated indie pop group, will release their new album, Great Plains, on March 25 on Greyday Records. The LP, their third, is a tightly constructed pop record with a flare unique to the group. The passionate songwriting embodied by the group can be heard in the trumpets, the multi-part harmonies, and the jangly, twee-inflected guitar work: This isn’t some one-off, pointless project. Head of Femur pulls influence from C-86, The Flaming Lips, The Smiths, The Beach Boys, The Beatles — the usual greats, really; touches of legendary pop writing make a distinctive presence on Great Plains, and that’s sure to set this outfit apart.

Head of Femur — “Isn’t It a Shame” | download

Head of Femur — “Jetway Junior” | download

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