Track Review: Joel Plaskett Emergency – “Fashionable People”

Joel Plaskett EmergencyJoel Plaskett Emergency
Ashtray Rock
“Fashionable People”

Joel Plaskett Emergency – “Fashionable People” | download

“Fashionable People,” named for the falsetto-inflected chorus line from this song, a track from 2007’s Ashtray Rock, is an entertaining romp in power pop that experiments with a variety of instrumentation styles to reach its easily listenable destination. Top it off with an entertaining video (embedded after the jump,) and you’ve got a song that sounds almost Weezerish (if I can coin a term, like all good music journalists) in its methods; however, there’s an unrestrained feel here that would place it above most recent efforts from the band Joel Plaskett undoubtedly drew some influence from.


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