Politics and Music: Jon Crocker, ever-touring folk artist

Jon Crocker in Cedar City, UtahJon Crocker, the ever-touring folk artist, discusses his perspective on music and politics. This is the second in a series of interviews with musicians discussing political perspectives.

What role do politics play in your music?

Not a very large one … if I ever write topical songs, they’re usually about social or environmental issues as opposed to political ones, and even with those issues I don’t really write about the political sides.

What role do you think music should play in politics?

I think that should be up to the musicians. If someone wants to make political music, they should. I think songwriters should write about whatever they are passionate about.

Jon Crocker – “Six Day Sinners’ Son” | download

Jon Crocker in Cedar City, UtahWould you ever allow a mainstream political candidate to use your music in campaigning? Why or why not?

Yes, I would, but only if they paid me lots of money and I had no major objections to their platform.

Would you consider throwing your endorsement behind a candidate you were passionate about?

Well, first, I’d have to feel passionately about a candidate. I suppose that if I did, i would endorse them and whatnot. but I don’t.

Why are the political opinions of popular musicians such a hot topic with their fans?

I’m not really sure about this one, but it might explain why I’m not a big fan of Ted Nugent.

Do you think there are major problems with the modern political system? Does celebrity involvement play a part in this?

Oh yes, I think there are many major problems with the modern system, but celebrity involvement has very little to do with that. Mostly ,I think it’s the result of letting a bunch of rich assholes run your homeland and of the dissenting public not be able to stand up and speak their minds without being shot by rubber bullets.

Are you following the 2008 U.S. elections? Are there any thoughts you’d like to share on what you’ve seen?

I haven’t been able to follow them very much yet, as I’ve been overseas for months. but I’ll say that Europeans seem very keen on Obama. They’re all keen on having an intelligent person be US president. They’re crazy.

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