PLAYLIST: Not all Irish groups are U2, you know

As it’s Saint Patrick’s Day — and as we’re all obviously Catholic, we celebrate this religious holiday(!) — and people’s attentions are going to be turned toward Ireland, I thought it might be nice to build a playlist with a few of my favorite bands from Ireland. Don’t worry, none of them are U2. Here are nine songs from three groups: The High Llamas, God is an Astronaut, and My Bloody Valentine.

Who are some of your favorite Irish musicians? Share them with us on Twitter or comment below.

  • My Bloody Valentine – “To Here Knows When” live at the Fuji Rock Festival ’08
  • The High Llamas – “Bach Ze”
  • God is an Astronaut – “Infinite Horizons”
  • My Bloody Valentine – “Thorn” live at the Fuji Rock Festival ’08
  • The High Llamas – “Nomads”
  • God is an Astronaut – “The End of the Beginning”
  • My Bloody Valentine interview after winning a Classic Album award
  • The High Llamas – “Sun Beats Down”
  • God is an Astronaut – “All is Violent, All is Bright”

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