Music Geek: Ten for 2010

School of Seven Bells - Disconnect From Desire

Given how quickly 2011 is approaching, here’s a quick list of ten of my favorite records of the year. If you ask me what they are tomorrow or at any time in the near future, my answers will change. Just saying. Check it out!

1. School of Seven Bells — Disconnect From Desire (@sviib)
Dream pop on steroids for the 21st century — I can’t resist it.

2. Belle and Sebastian — Write About Love (@bellesglasgow)
More from the band that’s brought you great indie pop for 14 years. Mix in some soul and R&B and you’ve got Write About Love.

3. The Tallest Man on Earth — The Wild Hunt (@tallestman)
Folky pop music with some real power behind everything. Just pure goodness here.

The Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

4. Arcade Fire — The Suburbs (@arcadefire)
Who doesn’t love The Arcade Fire by now? Their third album hits malaise like a laser.

5. The Books — The Way Out (@thebooksmusic)
Sound collage from the resident experts. This is every bit as impactful as when I was 18.

6. The Radio Dept. — Clinging to a Scheme (@slottet)
Great gazey stuff. Pop music and shoegaze combine very well, it seems. I’ve no real complaints. This was a real critical darling this year.

7. Jónsi — Go (@iamjonsi)
One of the 21st centuries more influential figures makes his impact on his own this time. A little less dreaming is traded for a little more bounce.

8. The Depreciation Guild — Spirit Youth (@depreci8onguild)
Call it Nintendogaze if you wish, there’s nothing quite like this chiptuney shoegaze outfit. First track hits fast, then it’s back to the basics for this band.

9. Tristeza — Paisajes (@trstz)
What would a year-end list be without some good post-rock? More from those experts never hurt anything.

10. Apples in Stereo — Travellers in Space and Time (@applesinstereo)
Okay, I love this album. Future pop, maybe? Whatever you call it, it’s easy to digest but it’s not that bad for you.

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