Artist Spotlight: Andy B

Andy Botterill

The danger with lo-fi pop is pretty obvious.  It draws the same sort of sometimes warranted typecasting of non-creativity that punk music received in the late 1970’s to the mid 80’s:  it all sounds the same!  Now, those who actually listen to the music know that this is not entirely true at all.  But, give one good reason why The Ramones are world renowned, and The New York Dolls, although critically and cult acclaimed, are just a quick blip in history.  Both were sensational in their own way, but someone always has to stand out.

Andy B – “Talk About it Later Baby” from Days Pass Me By
[audio:|titles=Andy B – “Talk About it Later Baby” from Days Pass Me By]

And who stands out the most in lo-fi pop?  More specifically, British lo-fi pop?  Well, Simon Bish and Andy Fonda of Pop Noise Records might get nods for obvious reasons.  But, the man that simply cannot be left out is the sensational Andy B.  This is a guy who truly understands the beauty and power of a simple pop song.  And he works his ass off!  He’s released two DIY albums, in less than a year on his, also very DIY, label Pastime Records.  He’s also the driving force behind the spectacular group Falling Trees (who’s Youth Disco EP was one of my favorites of 2010.  See “Recession Proof Music“).  And even better, his first studio album is in store for a 2011!  The man doesn’t stop!

Andy B’s (B for Botterill, by the way) work ethic is trumped only by his immense talent.  He may stick to a similar style throughout his catalog, but he’s sticking to what works.  His work as a teammate to the likes of Bish and Fonda is absolutely nothing to balk at.  He also happens to be the bassist for the brilliant act A Fine Day For Sailing from the Pop Noise roster.   But in his solo efforts, we see the man at his finest and most personal.  And as he moves from recording on the living room floor up to the real recording booth, you can definitely expect some wonderful things.  But, he only needs to perfect the sound in a physical sense.  He needs no changes in the spiritual sense.  He’s got that one nailed to the wall.

To learn more about Andy B’s solo work, visit his Myspace Page.
To learn more about his work with A Fine Day For Sailing, and more, visit the Pop Noise Records Website.

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