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Chiptunes For President

"Dawn Metropolis" by Anamanaguchi

Last week, Jared featured an article spotlighting the music of “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” I now feel it is my solemn duty to take’s Chiptune virginity.

According to Wikipedia, “A chiptune … is music written in sound formats where all the sounds are synthesized in real time by a computer or video game console sound chip.” Basically, Wikipedia really should have just said: “Chiptunes are awesome video game-type music happy go fun time. (Citation needed.)” Sweet, right?

Ratatat – “Lex” Classics (2006)


Music Geek #7: Chiptune — Is there anything better?

Matthew Montgomery wears funny glasses in a Cedar City, Utah park.

Editor’s Note: The track previously included in this post was not written or recorded by Brandon Harrod of Laromlab, who has recently come forward and admitted to having essentially stolen the tracks and called them his own. More information is available at

That’s a brave question, isn’t it? I thought so. So often my questions are lacking in, well, braveness, so I thought I might give it a try. Still, I’m not sure how brave it really is, though, as it is still a question and not a bold statement. After all, I’m willing to admit some wrong in this.

Anyhow, I’ve been venturing into electronic music lately, as it has been something I’m woefully under-educated in. My good friend Derek, a veteran (of sorts) of electronic music, has been instrumental in this, and perhaps we might call him the catalyst. At any rate, It’s happened.