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An interview with Lazy Goods

Lazy Goods Lazy Goods is a side project for Chad Felix, also in the Las Vegas, Nev. band called The Tramlines. Though each project is somewhat similar, they are also very different. Lazy Goods is comprised of country & folk melodies along with great vocals by Chad. Lazy goods have a few other occasional members who are on a few tracks of Lazy Goods. Mike Busch, Tyler Mckusick, and occasionally Michael Catalano — the drummer of The Tramlines — join in on the music making of Lazy Goods.

You are in two similar music projects, The Tramlines and Lazy Goods. Is folk/indie your music of choice?:

I can’t really say that I prefer any specific genre of music. I find myself listening to different things every day. I think it is important that people listen to music, and make a conscious attempt to find something good about it. No matter what you are listening to there is something worth your while (minus the obvious exceptions). It is just a matter of time and patience.


An interview with Waxwall Afterglow

Photo courtesy of Waxwall AfterglowMatthew Montgomery interviewed Waxwall Afterglow, a band from Henderson, Nev.

Waxwall Afterglow – “Floating Family Tree”


How would you describe the music you create?
Very intimate. The music we write strikes very deep roots for me. I’d say it’s the closest thing to self therapy for me. Whether I’m writing about the monotony of everyday life that I see people living or about the end of the world or space both lyrically and musically, it’s all pretty much communicating my feelings about how I envision life and the universe. Weaving in and out of sci-fi and real life instances, and then there are just songs about people. I guess to sum it up, I just want to write the soundtrack to the world and universe.