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Latest from Aloha, Home Acres, blasts indie prog into perspective

The latest effort from American indie outfit Aloha is bold and refreshing: While not necessarily the pinnacle of progressive indie rock from Aloha, it’s 1) something new, and 2) something good. How many other indie rock bands are out using marimbas and bells? Home Acres features plenty of their musical trademark, but we get some delicious additions. The guitars are  magnanimous in their distorted quality, and I think at one point, we may hear an idiophone with gourds — maybe the balafon — resonating and buzzing away. Home Acres hits shelves tomorrow.

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Review: The Dead Science – Villainaire

The Dead Science - VillainaireThe Dead Science
Constellation, 2008

It’s clear from the first moment of a harp playing and the subsequent segue into eclectic bouts of staccato guitar and complex rhythmic patterns: Villainaire, a record that experiments with jazz-inflected progressive rock and is strewn with elements of post-punk and indie rock, is not an album that is easy to digest, instead taking thought and time to process into actual understanding.

The Dead Science – “Make Mine Marvel” | download

With the rise in popularity of vaguely prog-rock outfits like The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria (not to imply this album sounds too much like either,) The Dead Science’s third full-length could see a reception that isn’t wholly unfavorable. Villainaire doesn’t really splay out its influences for listeners, but it does provide clues throughout. While some strains of progressive rock seem to be able to claim influence, the attribution can just as much rest with free jazz, experimental rock and a slew of other styles and genres. (more…)