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Star Trek inspires bizarre musical efforts

Star Trek, a show that’s inspired millions of geeks around the world (myself included,) has perhaps inevitably spawned some very bizarre musical tributes. From filk to electronic remixes, Gene Roddenberry’s 1965 masterpiece has lasted 45 years, and given the success of the latest film in the Star Trek universe (even if it is set in a slightly different but importantly similar universe), it looks like it’s set to continue for some time yet.

1. Dark Materia — “The Picard Song”
What. A. Song. This one needs no introduction — it’s probably the best Star Trek-inspired track to date. This mashup of classic Jean-Luc Picard quotes compiled by Dark Materia is great; it’s not his only output — he also produced two tracks you’ll find later in this list.

2. The Firm — “Star Trekkin'”
I loved this song as a kid, but now, it’s a little grating. If you want to annoy yourself and every single person around you for a few minutes, give this a spin. I can only imagine how my mother must have felt.