PLAYLIST: Hung over the day after Valentine’s Day

By Ashlie Meredith and Matthew Montgomery

While Valentine’s Day holds a certain appeal to many in love with love, for others, it serves as a precursor to a nasty hangover. It’s inevitable when you drink that much. Hey, lucky us, Valentine’s Day fell the day before Presidents Day! Working while nursing a pounding headache and a churning stomach doesn’t exactly improve mental productivity.

Spiritualized – “I Think I’m In Love”

I think this song is most potent with lyrics like, “I think I’m in love — probably just hungry.” The song continues in this vein. It’s pessimistic, and when hung over, who isn’t pessimistic?

The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Drain the Blood”

If you’re not so hung over that you can’t bring yourself to listen to some frenetic indie pop, this short, not-too-distressing tale of vague heartbreak isn’t so abrasive as to provide a new approach to your relationships, but it won’t make you vomit (more) from overt enthusiasm.

The Good Life – “Album of the Year”

Sometimes hangovers are good for slowing you down.  It gives you time to reflect on all the dirty details of the night before.  And while you’re at it, why not take a good hard look at everything that went wrong between you and that special someone.  Just don’t call them… again. This song explores the complexities of long-term relationships while reminding us to “laugh until it stops hurting.”

The Flaming Lips – “Waitin’ for a Superman”

Nursing a hangover, waiting for a Superman? Hold on the best you can, because The Flasming Lips offer their unique spin on life; we can see it as a tale of the tension that comes along with late-night Valentine’s Day phone calls. Surely the Lips meant something a bit more ethereal, but this uplifting, engaging track will power you toward healing that heartbreak.

The Mountain Goats – “No Children”

You probably listened to the song several times the night before, but hung over on the day after screaming along to John Darnielle’s storytelling lyrics, they take on an ironic hopefulness. Yeah, it’s surprising.

Alanis Morrissette – “You Oughta Know”

Any girl can tell you, that after a dramatic break-up — or just a less than satisfying MSN chat with your “sometimes boyfriend” who live in another state (ahem) — nothing feels better than screaming along to this 90’s staple.  Its especially fun to emphasize that F-word in the second verse, and the fast drums are at the perfect pace for angry-dance-cleaning. You’ve gotta take the garbage out eventually — of your apartment and your love life!

Tim and Eric – “Sit on You”

Sometimes, it’s better to, well, laugh.

Saves the Day – “Rocks Tonic Juice Magic”

The title of this song is strangely similar to what you might have been drinking last night, though the magic may have faded somewhere after Drink 7.  Angry, misogynist pop-punk is always the perfect cure for romantic disillusionment!  I would actually recommend listening to the entire 1999 classic–AP listed it as one of the top 10 most influential albums of that year.

Pavement – “Range Life”

Stephen Malkmus, master of all things indie rock, hits lyrical hangover gold with this song, which yearns for a quieter, less hellishly paced life. It’s unapologetic in no small way, and when you’ve a nasty hangover and can’t quite justify the previous night’s results, there’s nothing better.

Atmosphere – “Sunshine”

The lyrics of this song aren’t subtle.  Slug describes waking up to a hangover and upon encountering the good weather, realizes: life ain’t so bad.  This simple, fun hip-hop song will encourage positivism despite bleak prospects.

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