PLAYLIST: Top 5 POTUSA songs for Presidents day

In honor of President’s Day, we here at MusicGeek have compiled a list of the top five songs (in no particular order) from The Presidents of the United States of America. So, without further ado, here they are!

1. “Peaches” from The Presidents of the United States of America
Peaches is one of those sunny day songs that just makes you want to lay in the grass and eat a particularly juicy fruit. Bringing some of their best thick tones, this track is an alternative rock classic.

2.  ”Love Delicatessen” from Pure Frosting
In this track, The Presidents depart from their typical three-piece sound and add in acoustic guitar and even a bit of piano. The lyrics are full of innuendos and are particularly catchy. Complete with a bluesy break down, this is one track you can’t miss.

3. “Video Killed the Radio Star” from Pure Frosting
Although not a POTUSA original track, this amazing cover of The Buggles’ great hit takes on a life of it’s own. Replacing the synth sounds of the original with The President’s signature thick guitar sound really brings this track into it’s own class.

4. “Some Postman” from Love Everybody
This track came into the scene in 2004, after the reformation of the band in 2000. This track is a perfect example that even after all these years, they haven’t lost sight of their brilliant style. The song details the story of a postman that steals every love letter he comes across.

5. “Kitty” from The Presidents of the United States of America
This being the first track from their first record, I felt it appropriate to end the list with it. The track was definitely a sign of what was to come: unique lyrics with a thick crunch from the guitar and bass. Since that first track, The Presidents of the United States of America have come a long way and haven’t disappointed their fans one step of the way.


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