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Green Day’s ‘Warning’ an album screaming political transition


Green Day is an influential and largely controversial punk-influenced rock band that came out of the punk/ska scene of Berkley, Calif., in 1987. The evolution of their albums suggests a move from self-involvement, indulgence, and youthful unrest to a higher, more universal, and more political purpose. Warning, released in 2000, is a pivitol album on the road to later, more politically charged, albums. It mixes angst, sex, and social commentary and is their most musically eclectic album to date. Their political voice is more honed and relevant with every album — everything about Warning screams transition. The band is made up of three extremely talented men, and the music is only getting better as they get more popular, more visible, and more political.

The first and title track addresses a society that is concerned with their safety and taking great measures to ensure it:

“Better homes and safety-sealed communities
Did you remember to pay the utility?
Caution: Police line, you better not cross.
Is it the cop, or am I the one thats really dangerous?
Sanitation, expiration date, question everything.
Or shut up and be a victim of authority”


PLAYLIST: Top 5 POTUSA songs for Presidents day

In honor of President’s Day, we here at MusicGeek have compiled a list of the top five songs (in no particular order) from The Presidents of the United States of America. So, without further ado, here they are!

1. “Peaches” from The Presidents of the United States of America
Peaches is one of those sunny day songs that just makes you want to lay in the grass and eat a particularly juicy fruit. Bringing some of their best thick tones, this track is an alternative rock classic.

2.  “Love Delicatessen” from Pure Frosting
In this track, The Presidents depart from their typical three-piece sound and add in acoustic guitar and even a bit of piano. The lyrics are full of innuendos and are particularly catchy. Complete with a bluesy break down, this is one track you can’t miss.


BRIEF: Biffy Clryo’s new singles explode on the charts

In November of 2009, the aggressive Scottish three-piece rock group Biffy Clyro, release their most successful album to date: Only Revolutions. The album went gold within a matter of days from the release, and the singles from the new release have been seeing higher chart numbers than ever. All of the singles from the new album have hit the UK charts hard, peaking within the top 10 of the rock charts and top 20 of all singles. Currently, there are 4 singles from the new album: “Mountains,” “That Golden Rule,” “The Captain,” and “Many of Horror.”

All of the singles from the new album are both brilliant songs and visually striking. The highest ranking single to date, “The Captain,” is set on a pirate ship and details an uprising against the Royal Navy. It culminates with Ben and James Johnston, who play drums and bass, breaking lead singer and guitarist Simon Neil from his cage. All in all, The new singles from Biffy Clyro are stunning, both musically and visually, to say the least.

Billy Corgan – TheFutureEmbrace

Billy Corgan’s former band, The Smashing Pumpkins, are known mostly for their contribution to mainstream alt-rock of the mid-90s. Although garnered with success after the release of their albums Siamese Dream (1993) and the double-album epic Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness (1995), drug problems, among members, led to the deterioration of the band. Since then Corgan has struggled with music, having previously disbanded from the alt-rock ‘super group Zwan after only one album and a short tour. TheFutureEmbrace marks the beginning of Corgan?s solo career.