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PLAYLIST: Hung over the day after Valentine’s Day

By Ashlie Meredith and Matthew Montgomery

While Valentine’s Day holds a certain appeal to many in love with love, for others, it serves as a precursor to a nasty hangover. It’s inevitable when you drink that much. Hey, lucky us, Valentine’s Day fell the day before Presidents Day! Working while nursing a pounding headache and a churning stomach doesn’t exactly improve mental productivity.

Spiritualized – “I Think I’m In Love”

I think this song is most potent with lyrics like, “I think I’m in love — probably just hungry.” The song continues in this vein. It’s pessimistic, and when hung over, who isn’t pessimistic?

The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Drain the Blood”

If you’re not so hung over that you can’t bring yourself to listen to some frenetic indie pop, this short, not-too-distressing tale of vague heartbreak isn’t so abrasive as to provide a new approach to your relationships, but it won’t make you vomit (more) from overt enthusiasm.

PLAYLIST: Top 10 songs for the open road


Matthew Montgomery, 2009

Back in September 2009, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in my car while traveling across the western half of the United States. During this time I discovered that when speeding down a side road in Iowa, not all songs were created equal. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the 10 best songs for driving to.

1. The All New Adventures of Us – “Firetruck”

This song is wonderful to say the least. It meets all the requirements to be a good driving song: sonic guitars, blasting horns, enough changes to keep you interested and of course, a beat you can tap your gas pedal too. The song speaks of never missing another adventure, and that really embodies what this article is about: adventures.

2. The Beatles – “Two of Us”
“Two of Us” is one of those jangly guitar songs you just can’t do without on a good drive. It’s stood the test of time and after nearly 40 years it is just as valid as it was on its release. The song itself induces images of driving on a winding backroad with the windows down and the sun shining.



News: Broken Social Scene preps new release, tour

At last! A new Broken Social Scene release — and not from the Presents series — has been handed a release date: May 4. According to a press release, the Canadian supergroup has slimmed to six core members for the forthcoming effort, which is being produced by post-rock veteran John McEntire, perhaps most recognizable for his work in Tortoise. Just before the album hits shelves, BSS will be jumping on tour, starting in the states before jetting across the pond to Europe.


Review: Chase Pagan — Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles

The last time I heard much of Chase Pagan, he was performing at The Electric Theater in St. George, Utah: That was somewhere around four years ago, before the birth of It’s with some pleasure, then, that it is that I give Bells & Whistles, his latest, a listen.

“Life Garden” | download


Review: Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear - VeckatimestDespite a newly inducted sonic clarity, Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest takes the high road: This is not an album that relies on “slick” production to craft something of quality. No, while Veckatimest is undeniably better recorded than previous Grizzly Bear efforts, there’s something undeniably exciting in this frenetic indie pop.

Grizzly Bear — “Cheerleader” | download

Claims of Veckatimest being a more accessible pop record aren’t actually wide of the mark — but don’t for a minute be detracted by the notion of accessibility. Grizzly Bear’s psych-folk tendencies really shine in the open, spacious reverberating soundscape, and rather than getting lost amongst the noise, listeners are rewarded with a clarity that’s a bit unusual for the many-layered recording here. (more…)

Concert Photos: Garage Voice, Noah and Abby Gundersen, and Tom Rorem

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Concert Photos: The Stiletto Formal, Kinch perform at The Grind

The Stiletto Formal performed at The Grind Coffee House last night, supported by Kinch; both bands are from Phoenix, Ariz. Photos below and after the jump.

The Stiletto Formal

The Stiletto FormalThe Stiletto FormalThe Stiletto FormalThe Stiletto Formal


Concert Photos: Neon Trees, Location Location, The Robot’s Guide to Living perform in Cedar City

Neon Trees, a Provo-based electronic-infused indie rock, performed at The Grind Coffee House in Cedar City, Utah, tonight; the band performed with locals The Robot’s Guide to Living and Salt Lake City-based group Location Location. More photos after the jump.

Neon Trees

Neon TreesNeon TreesNeon TreesNeon TreesNeon TreesNeon Trees