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Danko Jones: Live in Spokane, Dec. 9th

Danjo Jones

Danko Jones

Hard rock has earned an ill report lately in certain artistic circles.  And sadly, some of the negativity being thrown at the genre is actually well deserved.  What with some of the same tired old bands screaming out lyrics you can’t understand to the same 3 or 4 chords bursting with enthusiasm but lacking any creativity, it does make sense.  But thankfully there is still hope.  Yes, spread out amongst the damned and bitter under world, there are some things to get excited about.  And making his way, after a very long journey, through the current mainstream is none other than the Canadian guitar-wielding maestro of the insane, Danko Jones.


The Gracious Few: Live In Spokane, Nov. 30

The Gracious Few

The recent snowfall in the Lilac City is reaching its final stages of existence.  The snow has turned to slush and has easily complicated the downtown streets of this fair city.  But somewhere in the deafening night, a strange bit of alternative music history is about to be put on display, as well as up to the test of time and understanding of fans who have devoted themselves to this genre of music for two decades.

The young have become old; the rebellious have become sales associates and marketing experts.  Grunge is gone, and where Bill Clinton stuck his dick is no longer important. But, where there is a glimmering light of hope for those who have lost their vibrant ways, you will probably find a band.  And on this cold November night, that hope lies within a franchise music venue.  And the band would be The Gracious Few.


Live Review: The Gorgeous Hussies at The Grind

The Gorgeous Hussies, the band we’ve featured a few times in the last week here on, performed at The Grind Coffee House last night. Below are a few photos; more will be added in short time. Read more on their performance after the jump.

The Gorgeous HussiesThe Gorgeous HussiesThe Gorgeous HussiesThe Gorgeous Hussies


Music Geek #10: Broken Social Scene in Salt Lake City

Matthew Montgomery wears funny glasses in a Cedar City, Utah park. Let’s get one thing straight. I love Broken Social Scene with a passion I reserve mostly for things other than music — you know, food, water, the like — and a chance to see them perform a mere four(!) hours away, in Salt Lake City, Utah was something I didn’t care to pass up. After learning of the concert via an IRC friend (I call this Music Geek for a reason, after all) I set out to find a way, rain or shine, money or, well, broke.

Read after the jump for video of Broken Social Scene at Lollapalooza 2008.


Wine and Alchemy: World comes to Flag

wine-and-alchemyToday I walked into Bookmans (a local used book store and internet cafe) today, which is a pretty regular occurrence, and I was greeted by something a little irregular. A world band called Wine and Alchemy had invaded dressed as Gypsies. As the acoustic guitar and accordion harmonized, their vocalist and belly dancer flitted around the cafe. They played a variety of  Greek, Armenian, “Gypsy”, Flamenco, and Middle Eastern styles while here, and they did it really quite well. They hail from San Antonio, and brought some delightful gypsy fun to the mountains of Flagstaff.  You can find some tracks to listen to at I would highly recommend them to anyone that appreciates world folk music.