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Amiina – Kurr

The latest in post-rock from Iceland sounds surprisingly similar to Iceland’s premier post-rock group, Sigur Rós, and with good reason. The quartet has performed with Sigur Rós on many occassions, both in the studio and live, typically as a string quartet. As such, it’s fairly reasonable to equate Amiina with the soft, ethereal glow of the Sigur Rós sound; it’s not far off to make that connection, either.


An interview with Monster Movie

As a child, were you around music much?

Sean: Only when I got to school and started learning instruments. I think we’re just classic geeks and we spent a lot of time at home listening to music when we were teenagers because we didn’t know how to get girlfriends.

Christian: Not that much. My Dad didn’t even know who the Beatles were, he is a bit of an opera man. I was also hopeless at music at school. Aside from kids music like The Wombles, I remember hearing “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush when it first came out and being really interested in it, but not knowing why or what it was. After that I loved listening to the radio and taping the Top 40 singles charts every Sunday night. Those cassettes would literally get worn out. I didn’t get a guitar until I was about 16 or 17, my Dad bought me a right handed guitar, I’m left handed.


An interview with Dreamend

What inspired you to have a differing photograph inset for As If By Ghosts?

I like the idea of these complete strangers being immortalized whether they like it or not. I have a stockpile of 20 or so that I have not been willing to part with. I think the possibility of someone photographed seeing this album on their grandson’s desk and realizing it’s them, is fucking brilliant to me. I?m sure they wouldn?t feel the same way though. (more…)