Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It In People

You Forgot It In People isn’t Broken Social Scene’s latest release, nor is it their best, but it is a noteworthy release, at the very least. From the packaging to the first moments, Broken Social Scene creates an undisputably hand-made image, though the actual authenticity of such an image remains mostly in the head of listener as Broken Social Scene produces an ultimately synthetic album, the electronic sound has a clear conflict with what you are visually presented with. Of course, this can still have an enormous impact.

As the album progresses, a slightly rough, uninhibited texture presents itself over the smooth, electronic production. By the time the second track has rolled around, any pretenses of being a solely electronic piece of work have been abandoned in favor of the influence of guitars and drums. “Stars and Sons,” an outstanding piece, pushes this point even more strongly. The intensely driving beat, combined with sharp hi-hats and the ocassional muffled scream, is something to be marveled at.

The spacy, loose “Pacific Theme” gives listeners a chance puts the album into perspective, laying out a scene that could easily be interpreted as a hot summer day with a cool ocean breeze, horns blaring and drums chanting rhythmically. This theme is repeated several times throughout the album, executed differently each time, but each time, it is executed with amazing success. Such is the story of Broken Social Scene, and, more specifically, You Forgot It In People.

At a first glance — and listen — the music of Broken Social Scene seems to be a contradiction in terms: smooth, jumbled, flowy electronic indie pushed into a tightly assembled package. The real wonder is the success with which they perform this feat — You Forgot It In People is a fun, intense hour-long album that won’t soon be forgotten by listeners — but, each time it’s played, it’s like a brand new album erupts from the moulding.

Matthew Montgomery

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