An interview with Philip of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

What were your reactions upon discovering that Broom was in the top 200 CMJ? Were you at all surprised?

Well, the promotion company thought it would chart…but we were still surprised. I think we’re still surprised when someone REALLY likes us. There are lot of things to like in the world…in general. So that, alone, tends to help us out. I mean, you can like anything you want.

What was the recording process for Broom like?

I would ride my bike over to Will’s when I felt like recording…and if Will felt like recording, we would do a couple tracks and call Tom to see if it sounded all right. We got a lot done that way in August…like 4 or 5 songs…and we were nervous about telling John Robert, the singer guy, because we thought we accidentally recorded a

whole CD without him. But we slowed down and didn’t get it done until late February. I think we were really nervous about the whole thing until we got Jonathan James, the new guy (who plays everything), to start mixing things.

How do you guys keep up in the Missouri heat and humidity?

We practice by my mom’s pool now. But sometimes the pool gets too hot. So guess it’s kind of hard to keep up. So everyone leaves and then comes back.

Where is Will, and why is he coming back in the fall?

Will is working at a girl’s summer camp on the east coast with his girlfriend Beth, who sings a little on Broom.

How long until you play in Southern Utah? It’s actually a pretty nice place to play, or so I hear.

Probably this fall. hahaha..

How long until another album or EP?

EP..could be this fall. LP might be next summer. Actually, I have no idea. We have a lot of new songs and we’re trying to make them a lot better than the old songs.

Where can your backcatalog be purchased, if anywhere?

Email us about it and we’ll think about it…and probably mail you stuff for free.

Why “Broom”?

It’s lame…but we really like one word album names… like “Help” and “Nurse” and “Acorn.” It’s like the music makes the word cooler…and vice versa.

What are your favorite comics? (of the strip, book, and stand-up variety)

I like the idea of comics, but I never read or watch them. sorry.

Any significant plans for the future?

Play music with Michael Holt and Adam Elk of the Mommyheads…tour a lot…finish school…be nice to each other..i don’t know.

Any insignificant plans for the future?

John Rob wants to play “Hey Jude” on the moon. That’s kind of funny, I guess.

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