An interview with Hussain

What approach do you take to writing music?

I don’t really have so much an approach, the music usually just writes itself. I listen to the music that I favor at the time and get inspired by what I hear, though I don’t usually just tell myself “oh, alright, I guess I will write this and put this here”. That’s one way of doing it, but I don’t really think about it much anymore really, it sort of just comes. I can’t usually remember how I come up with the songs, but when I do feel like I’m in a blue mood or something, before I know it, the music is just there.

How do your live performances differ from your recordings?

live performances are alot more fun to me than recording. Recording is really great sometimes, but not with the equiptment I use. It’s really tricky to make ends meet. Live performances are the most enjoyable because playing solo is really not like playing in a band. It’s a different feeling most definately, you don’t have the same intimacy with the sound going around you being in a band. Playing live is also a good oppurtunity to make songs up off the spot too, which I really enjoy alot because I’ve learnt how to do it usually pretty alright.

What was the primary factor in your venture into music creation?

I can’t talk usually, so my life is alot better sung and played

What has been the most influential piece of music on your writing?

I have alot of influence, and it’s of course not just from music. I take train and bus rides a lot of different places because I get inspired by everything I see. Alot of music I write has abit to do with bits of my childhood and the music from when I was growing up back then. I can’t really pinpoint one particular piece, there’s way too many to go on about.

Why did you first pick up a guitar?

I don’t really know why…I guess from the first time I started borrowing acoustic guitars from my Mum’s friends and some of my friends, I listened to all this music and felt like it was this really important feeling that you get, and it truly didn’t compare to anything else. I thought to myself that if music could really move you with just one word or one note, the people who made it must have felt compelled in some way by emotions or visions, just stuff they really meant. So honestly, I think it’s just because I couldn’t hold it back to want to write something or play something. I don’t think there is a better way of expressing things you can’t express to even people you love.

What plans do you have for your forthcoming EP?

I’m not planning to make anything special, when I plan to make things special they never turn out the way I wish they would be, then I just end up hating everything I ever create. Good songs can be written off the spot, and could just be two chords. I’m hoping to write good songs.

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