Opeth announce new album name, tracklisting

Opeth / Courtesy of Roadrunner Records, photo by Michael JohannsonMikael Åkerfeldt, vocalist and guitarist for Swedish progressive metal darlings Opeth, announced today on his MySpace blog that the band, who have released eight full-length albums, are planning to release their ninth effort, titled Watershed in late-May or early-June in 2008 on Roadrunner Records. The track titles, also released by the Swedish giant, are posted below. Also posted below is a “special edit” of “The Grand Conjuration” released for some television show, Headbanger’s Ball, and a compilation they released. It’s a nice introduction to Opeth’s harder sound, but not the best introduction to their melodic side, which I often prefer. Unfortunately, the edit is also shorter, so take that as you will.

Opeth — “The Grand Conjuration” | download

The track titles

1. Coil
2. Heir Apparent
3. The Lotus Eater
4. Burden
5. Porcelain Heart
6. Hessian Peel
7. Hex Omega

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