Spotlight: The Terrordactyls | Indie pop group releases stop-motion video for “Devices,” features Kimya Dawson on vocals

The Terrordactyls / Courtesy of Fanatic PromotionThe latest video from The Terrordactyls, a strangely enticing lo-fi indie pop group, is a strangely enticing lo-fi stop motion endeavor. “Devices,” which features Moldy Peaches-veteran and Kimya Dawson on vocals, features, of all things, scissors speaking to each other. Read after the jump for the video. Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendahl, who make up The Terrordactyls, are quite capable of holding their musical own, as it were: See “Fall,” posted below, for an example.

Contributing vocalist Kimya Dawson may overshadow the two musicians, given the love a variety of teenagers have expressed for recent Ivan Reitman flick Juno — don’t get me wrong, I am quite a fan of the film, as well; I merely find the newfound love for The Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson a bit puzzling or, at the very least, surprising.

The Terrordactyls — “Devices” | download

The Terrordactyls —”Fall” | download

The Terrordactyls — “Devices” (featuring Kimya Dawson)

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