I Call Fives

In a sea of new independent pop punk music, I Call Fives really floats above the rest. They are a refreshing take on the typical pop punk band and deliver catchy guitar hooks and anthemic lyrics. The track “My Last Mistake” from First Things First stands out exceptionally well and offers up some of their best material.

Hailing from New Jersey, this incendiary pop punk outfit never fail to deliver. Every song on their 7 track debut, First Things First, grabs you and doesn’t let go until the next track is starting up.

I Call Fives, “My Last Mistake” from First Things First | download

I Call Fives garners particular respect from MusicGeek for their support of the online community. Offering up downloads on websites and always being cooperative and personal with their fans online are just two of the many reasons I love this band. On a certain website, which shall remain unnamed, the group has over 27,000 downloads and the count is always going up. I Call Fives is yet another shining example as to why independent and major artists alike should embrace the online community.

Check out this awesome pop punk group at their myspace page.

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