PLAYLIST: Having trouble waking up? Try our energetic playlist!

Do you have trouble waking up? I do. Of the many strategies I’ve tried for waking up at a proper time — some more successful than others — one of the most successful, aside from having cold water unexpectedly sprayed on me, has been finding a few catchy, exciting pop songs to jolt me into normal life. In no particular order, here are seven of my favorite songs that help speed my waking process.

Radiohead – “No Surprises”
A veritable classic of our time, “No Surprises” floats you into a waking state with a staccato bell-like guitar introduction. There’s a reason it’s one of the most recognizable introductions in modern rock music, and when I’m waking up, I always find it important to listen to something at least vaguely recognizable. I hate being startled into my day.

Arcade Fire – “Wake Up”
Is this one too oblique? Maybe, but it’s still a damn good song to hear as you drift back into consciousness. There’s something about the driving guitar, the faux-choral arrangement, that blanket of warm distortion. Give this a whirl in your wake-up routine, and I’m sure you’ll notice a certain hopefulness pervade through your day.

At the Drive-In – “One Armed Scissor”
When you just can’t bring yourself to wake up normally to something a bit more calm, inject some energy into your day with this frenetic piece of post-hardcore goodness. If you’re prone to startling as you wake, this might not be the best choice, and it might not be the most calming musical choice for your routine. Still, if you’re either just waking up too late and need something, take this route. Or some nice black metal; that would work, too.

Yo La Tengo – “Beanbag Chair”
From 2006’s I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass, “Beanbag Chair” is among the best of Yo La Tengo’s pop-laden work. The bouncy piano and simple harmonies may provide the needed boost for you to get up, get your day in order, and get out of the house. Clocking in at three minutes, this song has the perfect balance for the average sleepyhead. Alternately, if you want something a little earlier in Yo La Tengo’s catalog, try “Autumn Sweater,” from 1997’s I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One.

Broken Social Scene – “7/4 (Shoreline)”
The bass line that dominates this song’s feel is more than just effective for waking up — it’s damn catchy, too. Try not to put too much bounce in your step as you head off to your next coursework — it’d be a shame to put a damper in your day by tripping.

Belle and Sebastian – “Step Into My Office, Baby”
Everyone loves Belle and Sebastian, right? This is Belle and Sebastian at their pop-laden best, unafraid to be seen smiling and whistling in the early morning — not even thinking to grumble about coffee. Maybe it’s infectious.

Weezer – “Surf Wax America”
I should probably make some joke here about surfing into your morning … but I’m not even going to try.

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