NEWS: Cedar City songwriter compilation, Cedar Breaks Out!, hits shelves after release party

Cedar Breaks Out!

Saturday saw the release of the latest project from the home of independent music in Cedar City, Groovacious Records. Cedar Breaks Out!, a 14-track compilation consisting of some of the town’s best singer-songwriters, made its debut last night at the record store, which was nearly bursting at the seams with attention.

The compilation features 14 artists from the Cedar City area, and 11 of those performed at Saturday evening’s celebrations. It serves as a refreshing reminder that not only are Open Mic nights at Groovacious packing a punch with their unique performances and evocative covers, but these musicians can provoke an emotional response with their own music.

The album sees a street release date of Tuesday, when it can be purchased for $9.99 at Groovacious Records. The album is being released on Groovacious Platters, the record label run by Groovacious Records owners Tim and Lisa Cretsinger.

Tim Cretsinger organized the compilation alongside Cedar City musician Chuck Triplett, and its release on Groovacious Platters sees it take the stage next to two releases from regional stalwart Steven Swift.

Groovacious Platters will be donating all profit from the release toward the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, an environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation group from Cedar City.

  • Chas Hollingshead – “O.Z.”
  • Josh Cash – “Too Young To Decide”
  • Kaitlin Sevy – “I’m Sorry Dear”
  • Brian Hoover – “Car Chase”
  • Emilee Hanks – “It Rains”
  • Matt Briggs – “While You Were Sleeping”
  • Steven Swift – “Your Way Home”
  • Britte Bjerga – “Bring Me Back”
  • Rhett Boswell – “Fooled By Nature”
  • Ryan Kay – “Small Mountain Town”
  • Niall Hodges-Burns – “Papa Jack, Sr.”
  • Kipp Howard – “Turn It Around”
  • Katherine Moure – “Bled Black”
  • Pablo “Of The Mountain” Schwartz – “Outerlude”

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