Album Review: The Seldon Plan – Coalizione del Volere

The Seldon Plan

In the world of music criticism, there are a few on rules that are supposed to be followed, but are routinely dismissed.  One is using the first person reference in a review.  Thankfully, blogging as completely destroyed this concept, so we, actually I, can say whatever the hell I want.  Amongst the probably hundreds of other ridiculous rules is to never make assumptions about a record/artists/burlesque show if the standards are too high for a band that can’t live up to the expectations you have set.  It’s also not a good idea to use foul language.  So, on that note:  The Seldon Plan’s Coalizione del Volere is an album that I believe is absolutely fucking fantastic, and you will absolutely adore it.  Rules are meant to be broken.  And with an album like this, it is perfectly acceptable to raise the bar all the way to the heavens.  They have the means to back themselves up on product alone.

The Seldon Plan — “Fractionation”
[audio:|titles=The Seldon Plan – Fractionation]

This Baltimore based indie pop group has been impressing audiences and critics alike for the better part of the last decade with their 90’s anti-aspiration towards change attitude they generously fuse with unique vision of a band living independently the age of now.  They share a strong comparison to another Baltimore based group known as Lowell, who’s posthumous releases happen to be share a label with The Seldon Plan, known as The Beechfields Record Label.   They both involve label founder Michael W. Nestor, so it’s not that hard to comprehend, but it’s still a beautiful coincidence.  The real common denominator here is just plain raw talent and an engrossing consciousness that allows these rockers a chance to create some beautiful indie pop treasures.

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