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Spotlight: Apillow | Ambience, minimalism make mark in small-run release

Apillow / via MySpaceLet’s get one thing straight: I like ambient, I like shoegaze, and boy, do I like post-rock. That said, you may have found many of the posts here to be of such a nature. What can I say? At any rate, today’s spotlight focuses on Apillow, a band with elements of all three styles I just expressed an affinity toward. Patrick Lacharité, of Below the Sea, is the sole producer of this quiet, uninvasive minimalism created in the fall of 2007. Leaves Winter Alone, released in October 2007 on thisquietarmy records, is limited to 200 initial CD-R copies by the label, so clearly, this isn’t out there to make a quick buck. Apillow embodies that appealing independence that too often goes missing from music generally: Even notoriously independent artists worry about making money from their music. For better or worse, Lacharité seems untainted, providing a fair bit of clarity to the world through soothing ambience.

Apillow — “The Dark” | download

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An interview with Waxwall Afterglow

Photo courtesy of Waxwall AfterglowMatthew Montgomery interviewed Waxwall Afterglow, a band from Henderson, Nev.

Waxwall Afterglow – “Floating Family Tree”


How would you describe the music you create?
Very intimate. The music we write strikes very deep roots for me. I’d say it’s the closest thing to self therapy for me. Whether I’m writing about the monotony of everyday life that I see people living or about the end of the world or space both lyrically and musically, it’s all pretty much communicating my feelings about how I envision life and the universe. Weaving in and out of sci-fi and real life instances, and then there are just songs about people. I guess to sum it up, I just want to write the soundtrack to the world and universe.