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An interview with Nathaniel Carroll

Indie pop musician Nathaniel Carroll performs in Hurricane, Utah /, Matthew MontgomeryNathaniel Carroll, indie pop pianist, guitarist, and vocalist, is preparing a new album for release at some point in the future. While awaiting the release, take a listen to two tracks, “You’ll Make a Killing” and “A Lie Worth Living,” which he provided for your listening. The tracks, among his most musically mature and best-recorded, feature Carroll’s signature genuine, heartfelt songwriting. previously conducted an interview with Nathaniel Carroll in October, 2005. His music can be purchased at his web site.

Nathaniel Carroll — “You’ll Make a Killing” | download

Nathaniel Carroll — “A Lie Worth Living” | download

What’s the status on your new album?

Slow and steady wins the race.  I’d be vain if I told you that I planned on it taking over two years to record my new album, as if I’ve been carefully crafting some masterpiece in my secret underground lair.  In actuality, this album is one of many flaming chainsaws in my juggling routine.  I have the skeleton tracks (drums, piano or guitar, vocals) recorded for 10 songs, and I have 2 songs that are “good enough.”  I’ve enclosed them in this electronic correspondence for your leaking pleasure.  If track lists mean anything to anyone these days, here’s one that looks cool in my head: