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Spotlight: Plastic Operator

Plastic Operator / Courtesy of Fine Day RecordsPlastic Operator are an electronic indie pop duo out of the U.K. made up of Mathieu Gendreau and Pieter Van Dessel. Their music is a refreshing change from the typical guitar-drums-bass combination that has dominated the music scene for so long. The beats are thumping and the vocal melodies entrancing throughout their entire debut album, Different Places, which was released on May 14th, 2007 in Europe. They focus mainly on upbeat and catchy songs with an ’80s synth feel, but show their diversity in the song Another Sound, which features a riff ridden guitar solo. In the end, Plastic Operator is one of those bands that’s just fun and enjoyable to listen to. You can check out more of their music and a new video for the song, “Home 0207,” at their myspace page,

Plastic Operator — “Peppermint” | download

Plastic Operator — “Another Sound” | download

An interview with Autumn Chorus

Autumn Chorus / Photo courtesy of Autumn ChorusBrighton, UK post-rock-sounding darlings Autumn Chorus answer questions from regarding production of their music, reception of their debut EP, Rosa, and the support they find in the UK and beyond.

Autumn Chorus — “Remember the Dead”

What drives you to create ambient and post-rock music?
I think as a band we’re more about atmosphere as opposed to ambiance, as that suggests it’s in the background, and we want to be very much in the foreground! We’re never sure if we are “post-rock” but that’s what we seem to fit into. I think we’re influenced by classical music as much as we are other post-rock bands.


Spotlight: Jenny Hallam

Jenny Hallam / Courtesy of Jenny HallamJenny Hallam is an independent, relatively unknown, artist from Worcester in the UK. Her music ranges from piano driven pop to quick paced, crunchy guitar ridden rock. She is yet to be signed or have a self released album, but does has a few demos up for listen on her MySpace page. The song Avoiding the Spotlight starts with quick drums, and dance influenced keyboard sounds, but quickly gives way to guitar solos that harken to the days of Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. All things considered, this girl has some great talent and shows real potential.

Jenny Hallam – “Avoiding the Spotlight” | download